by Tony Oliver
Snare Drum Solo (with conga drum)
Intermediate / Advanced
Digital Download

  • From the composer: This short work, definitely meant to be more fun than profound, evolved from an exercise to think through and demonstrate many different techniques and notation styles for snare drum. There is a short theme that acts as bookends for the fourteen variations, each of which have a different character, technique (including a few non-standard ones), or notation style. One can interact with it as a pedagogical exercise in whole or in part; or just have a musical moment of snare drum goodness; or feel free to play it as a short concert piece. It works however you want to use it. There are suggested stickings to give you the idea of what I’m going for. Feel free to flip them around for the left-handed player or modify them as needed. There are actual hand drums and a snare drum treated as a hand drum in the piece. I’ve given a key to the sounds expected in addition to which instrument is which. All of the sounds are approximations. Feel free to experiment and enjoy. There are many tempos given. Depending on how you use the piece (for performance or pedagogy), feel free to adjust all tempos to “tempo di playable” or “tempo di rocking out” as needed or desired.
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