by Tony Oliver
Snare Drum Trio
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  • A CWP Beginning Percussion Classic! Now in DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FORM!
  • Deceivious (mischievously deceptive—or deceptively mischievous) is a short piece for three players each playing a snare drum. The piece requires the players to play four different types of sounds: with snares on, with snares off, on the counter hoop (rim), and silently (seen but not heard!). It also requires them to learn how to turn the snares on and off during a piece, and stresses the importance of counting carefully and subdividing during performance. Players should realize that an eighth-note pulse is constantly implied throughout the piece, even if it isn't heard, and learn how to avoid coming in too early or too late. Each part contains a diagram that provides helpful information about proper playing areas on the snare drum, and the score contains an article about subdivision. As with all of the CWP Beginning Percussion Classics, Deceivious is designed to be a fun and “real” piece of music to help beginning players learn the skills and techniques they need.
  • Total playing time is about 2 minutes
  • Link to sample pages from the score and parts for further information. (opens in a new window) 

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