Beginning Custom Snare Solo
by Tony Oliver
Personalized Custom Snare Solo
on sale through 2022 In Honor of NHIMA's 30th Anniversary
$30.00! (reg. $60.00) 

  • Imagine a snare drum solo JUST FOR YOU!  How it works...
  • Upon purchase of the solo, you will be contacted by CWP to get details of what should be included in your solo. This includes any dedication you may wish to include or any special skills you’d like to work on or need help with. Solos will be 1 to 2 minutes in length.
  • Allow up to four weeks.
  • Be sent a digital version of your solo and some coupon codes you can give to your friends and family so they can download your solo, too. You can show off that you have a published piece of music written specially for YOU! (We can print some out on nice paper and send them to you, too, for a small additional fee.)
  • As an added bonus, if you want, you can have a meeting (phone, zoom, etc.) with the composer to follow up about your solo!
  • We want you to be happy! If for some reason there is a problem, we’ll write you a new solo or give you your money back.
  • THAT'S IT!
  • NOTE: When purchasing this, you will receive a PDF download of this information. The solo will be written and sent at a later time.

© Copyright 2003-2022 
Curving Walkway Publications 

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