For Band (or Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion Ensemble)
Grade 2 - 2.5+
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  • The four chorales in this collection have been arranged for full band, but because each instrument family (woodwinds, brass, and percussion) in the arrangement contains all four voices (SATB), one can also perform this with a woodwind, brass, or percussion section alone. Simply make sure each of the vocal ranges are represented. SATB indications are listed next to each instrument in the instrumentation list to the right and on each part. (Full score and parts included for each chorale.)
  • The instrument ranges for all parts are meant to be appropriate for beginner to intermediate players, with alternative notes given to allow for greater comfort in playing, as needed or desired. These notes are indicated by smaller note heads in the parts. Any notes in parentheses are optional notes for more experienced players.
  • Dynamics and phrase markings are minimal or non-existent to allow for a variety of uses, and may be adjusted. A smooth, sustained style is suggested to work on legato, lyrical playing and developing good sound and intonation, but the approach to playing may be adjusted to suit performance or education goals.
  • All of the percussion parts are ad libitum for band performance, and may be added or omitted as desired or as instruments are available.
  • More information and notes are included in the score for each chorale.
  • Link to a sample for further information. (opens in a new page) 

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