Surprise Party

A CWP Collection of Snare Drum Music
Beginner Plus / Intermediate
Digital Download

  • These snare drum solos, each about one or two minutes in length, are for the beginning-plus/intermediate player of any age (younger beginners, New Horizons types, college “percussion methods” students) to have a concert snare drum experience. (Adjusting the tempo slower or faster can change the difficulty level, and the composer is perfectly fine with that if it fits the situation.) The three pieces may be enjoyed separately or as a set, and they may be worked on as studies or performed in a recital setting. Each piece is a variation and musical expansion of the previous piece.
  • Contents: I. Drumstick Surprise, II. Further Surprises, III. The Biggest Surprise of All!
  • Link to the "notes" page for further information and a sample. (opens in a new page) 

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